Living Will Attorney Lakeland Florida

Living Wils Attorney Lakeland Florida

A Living Will is a legal document which declares your wishes regarding life-sustaining medical treatment, nutrition and hydration by artificially or technologically supplied means, and other medical treatment decisions based upon specific medical conditions, specific medical scenarios, terminal illnesses, or medical situations that are deemed to lead to terminal illnesses or conditions.

A living will may only be implemented in the event that you are in a terminal condition, in a permanently unconscious state, or are medically deemed unable to make current medical decisions on your own behalf, due to your current mental state.

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A “permanently unconscious state” is defined as an irreversible condition in which you are permanently unaware of your surroundings, or mental & physical state. In order to be legally deemed in a permanently unconscious state, your physician and one other physician must examine you and agree that the total loss of higher brain function has rendered you unable to feel pain or suffering.

A living will is an important tool to aid your loved ones in ensuring your intentions are clear regarding medical treatment based upon specific conditions and circumstances. Having a current living willprovides your family the opportunity to knowing your wishes, while provide them some level of solace during a difficult time, knowing you are receiving treatment in the manner which you have consciously chosen.

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