Guardianship Attorney Lakeland Florida

Guardianship Attorney Lakeland Florida

A guardianship is defined as the appointment of an individual as a guardian to make decisions on behalf of another who is unable to make such decisions because they are either legally incompetent or are a minor child. This appointment is officially made during the probate process.

The guardian is the legally appointed person who will manage personal affairs and health care decisions, the management the finances, or other designated decisions for an individual or individuals relating to the the person and their estate. The appointed guardian is typically a family member or an attorney.

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A Guardianship is an important tool which may help protect your legal rights, finances, and estate in the unfortunate event of incapacitation, or diminished mental or physical capabilities. A guardianship may also be designed to protect the rights of your minor children if you are incapacitated, have diminished mental or physical capabilities, or in the event of your passing.

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